Dr.E.Padmini, The Editor in Chief, received Tamilnadu Scientist Award 2010  given by Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology for her contributions in the discipline of Biological Sciences from Education Minister

Dear Reader,

As the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Biomedicine I am writing to invite you to send your most important research papers to the journal. The Journal will not only accommodate traditional, theoretical and experimental biomedical research, but also welcomes research that builds molecular discoveries and medical research that connect to clinical states within the journal’s domain.

The qualitative and timely publication of Volume 36 of our esteemed international journals has brought great joy and happiness to the entire fraternity of the journal and honorable members of the editorial and advisory board.

The rich experience and varied expertise of the board members is providing immense succor in propelling the journal to meet a comfortable place in areas of medical research and accentuate its visibility. The aim of the journal is to percolate knowledge in biomedical research with erudition by providing our ecosystem for budding researchers in India.

We receive large number of research papers for publication. They are reviewed and then accepted papers are published in the fourth coming issues. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the reviewers and members of the editorial board who so carefully perused the papers and carried out justified evaluations in very short time. I am sure that these papers will offer qualitative information and thoughtful ideas to our accomplished readers.

I humbly invite all the authors and their professional colleagues to send their research papers for consideration for publication in our forthcoming issue as per the “Scope and Guidelines to Authors” given in this issue. Immense effort was put by our team to format the research papers right from abstract to reference. Additionally plagiarism and grammar check will be performed. I am sure that with organized team efforts, the journal will soon prove its name among best quality national and international journals in biological sciences. I solicit your continuous support, help, guidance and blessing to take Biomedicine to new heights, particularly, in-terms of visibility in Google Scholar, which we have accomplished after our Issue 3 of Volume 36, 2016.

I appreciate the time and effort that have been devoted by the different contributors and would like to thank them all. As always suggestions towards improving the content of the journal are most welcome.


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