Effectiveness of Siddha formulations for Sars CoV2 variants infection at home isolation in Chennai, Tamilnadu - A case series


  • Chitra S. M.
  • Mallika P.
  • Anbu N.




Sars CoV 2, variants, Siddha medicines, maha vasantha kusumakaram tablet, RTPCR


As Sars CoV 2 infection was accountable for present global pandemic, many novel therapies and traditional medicines have been implied by various countries for the management and prevention of the spread. From the beginning, Corona virus mutation is also progressing with different variants. Delta variant was the most dreadful and contagious one, among the variants, which hospitalized more people. Now, Omicron is the new variant of concern announced by WHO in November 2021 which makes the disease more transmissible. In India, as the cases started rising from January 2022 by this new variant, various measures had been taken for the management of the disease. Traditional Siddha formulations were given for cases reported with positive Covid 19 infection, in home setting, at Chennai and the reports were shared here. Despite, genome sequencing is the precise diagnostic tool for variants detection, the cases reported here were in close possibility of omicron and mixed variants.  Maha vasantha kusumakaram tablet a shastric higher order metallic preparation was proven to be effective with herbal preparations Thippili rasayanam, adathodai kudineer and Amukkara choornam.  The patients recovered in a short span of time and the repeat Real time polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) tested negative within 10 days. This was highly encouraging that Siddha medicines were proven to be effective in different variants of mutated Covid virus with no adverse effects and the medicines proved to be safe and effective by post- test of liver and renal parameters.  

Author Biographies

Chitra S. M.

Department of PG Maruthuvam, Government Siddha Medical College, Arumbakkam, Chennai, 106, Tamil Nadu, India

Mallika P.

Aringnar Anna Government Hospital of Indian Medicine, Arumbakkam, Chennai, 106, Tamil Nadu, India


Anbu N.

Department of PG Maruthuvam, Government Siddha Medical College, Arumbakkam, Chennai, 106, Tamil Nadu, India


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