A study on topography of tibial plateau and its applications in knee arthroplasty


  • Hema N.
  • Anjana Mittal
  • Venkatesh G. Kamath




Osteoarthritis, Tibial plateau, Tibial Prosthesis, Total Knee arthroplasty


Introduction and Aim: This investigation was designed for evaluating the tibial plateau in Indian population and compares the data with other populations. The major intention is to observe if significant difference exists in diverse a demographic profile that necessitates production of population specific implants ensuring success in total knee arthroplasty.


Materials and Methods: Morphometry of 200 adult human tibial plateaus were measured in dry bones using a sliding digital caliper and data analysis was done. 


Results:   The mean anteroposterior dimension of the medial condyle was 38.98 ± 4.46 mm on the left and 38.81 ± 5.05 mm on the right and the lateral condyle was 32.99 ± 4.01mm on the left and 32.42 ± 4.88 mm on the right. The mean transverse dimension of the medial condyle was 24.95 ± 3.22 mm on the left and 24.54 ± 2.69 mm on the right and the lateral condyle was 28.15 ± 4.10 mm on the left and 27.76 ± 3.50 mm on the right. The anteroposterior dimension of the intercondylar area was 44.78 ± 3.87 mm on the left and 44.19 ± 4.51mm on the right.


Conclusion: The data obtained will help in designing tibial prosthetic implants best suited for Indian population. The surgeon can assess how much a given deformity deviates from the normal values. The dimensions of the tibial plateau vary in different populations and most available prosthesis is designed based on Caucasian data. The tibial prosthetic sizing needs to be population specific to avoid a mismatch or mediolateral overhang.

Author Biographies

Hema N.

Department of Anatomy, Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences, Natekal, 575018, Karnataka, India

Anjana Mittal

Department of Anatomy, Maharshi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mullana, Haryana, India

Venkatesh G. Kamath

Department of Anatomy, Amaltas Institute of Medical Sciences, Dewas, 455001, M.P., India


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