Physiotherapy for complete motor recovery in 4-year-old child with Guillain Barre syndrome- A case study


  • Rajalaxmi V.
  • Dhanusia S.
  • P. Bharath Kumar
  • Suriya N.
  • Sridevi G.



Guillain Barre Syndrome, motor recovery, functional independent measure, physiotherapy


This study was conducted in 4-year-old male child in sub-acute stage of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) for 12 weeks in a local clinical setup after discharge from the hospital completing IVIG dose. Physiotherapy was given for 12 weeks, 5 days in a week of 1 and half hour session per day with rest periods between the session. Physiotherapy intervention includes passive – active exercise, resisted exercise, weight bearing exercise, mat activities, breathing exercises, task-oriented exercise, balance and coordination exercise, abdominal strengthening, gait training, and play activities. Outcomes used before and after the intervention were Manual Muscle Test (MMT), Five Times Sit to Stand Test (FTSST), Functional independent Measure (FIM), Time Up and Go test (TUG) and Hand dynamometer to analyse the effects of physiotherapy intervention. This study concluded that there was a significant improvement in patient’s motor functions and independence in daily activities after an effective physiotherapy treatment. There was a complete motor recovery after 12 weeks of physiotherapy.

Author Biographies

Rajalaxmi V.

Professor, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Dr. MGR. Educational and Research Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Dhanusia S.

Freelance Physiotherapist, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

P. Bharath Kumar

Freelance Physiotherapist, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Suriya N.

Freelance Physiotherapist, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sridevi G.

Professor, Department of Physiology, SRM dental college and hospital, Ramapuram, Chennai.


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