Study of millet and non-millet diet on diabetics and associated metabolic syndrome


  • R. Vedamanickam
  • P. Anandan
  • G. Bupesh
  • S. Vasanth



Introduction and Aim: Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are metabolic disorders, which are major disease burden in India. Unequal dietary propensities have added to this. The foxtail millet, finger millet, sorghum and wheat have been thought to have nutritious and zero cholesterol properties in combating metabolic diseases. Hence, this study was evaluated scientifically on the impact of millet diet and non-millet diet with respect to a randomized case control.

Materials and Methods: The investigation is cross sectional study in diabetes with hypertension as per the standard recommendations of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), which is attending tertiary care hospitals. A total of 150 diabetic patients was selected randomly 80 of which consumed a millet diet and 70 of which consumed a non-millet diet. (80 patients) and non-millet diet (70 patients). Anthropometric parameters and study of blood  pressure estimations was recorded trailed by biochemical parameters such as of Fasting Blood sugars (FBS) and Postprandial Blood sugars (PPBS) and Fasting Lipid profile war analyzed in the study population.

Results: Among the 150 patients in the investigation, 80 patients were consuming the millet diet in the age group of 40-55yrs the 70 patients who were consuming non-millet diet with the age group of 40-60 yrs. The millet diet had markedly decreased the weight and BMI levels compared to the non-millet diet. Also, the biochemical parameters such as lipid profiles, Fasting and PP blood sugar levels were significantly reduced when comparing the millet with the non- millet diet.

Conclusion: The result of the present study concludes that the millet diet regulates the glucose level in the diabetic patients better than the non-millet diet. Furthermore, the Diastolic, Systolic values and Lipid profiles of both the diet demonstrates the potential merits and health benefits of millet diet over the non-millet diet.

Keywords: Millet and non-millet diet; lipid profiles; blood sugar levels; anthropometric measurements.




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R. Vedamanickam, P. Anandan, G. Bupesh, S. Vasanth. Study of millet and non-millet diet on diabetics and associated metabolic syndrome. Biomedicine [Internet]. 2020 Nov. 11 [cited 2023 Oct. 4];40(1):55-8. Available from:



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