Effect of comprehensive yoga therapy on pulmonary function among various groups with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


  • Jessy John
  • Venugopal P.
  • Shajahan P. S.




Yoga, COPD, lung function


Introduction and Aim: COPD is a disease with involvement of multiple organ system. Our previous study has proved yoga to be useful in improving the lung function. The current study assesses the effect of yoga on lung function with respect to age, duration of illness and severity of disease due to COPD.


Materials and Methods: Thirty cases of COPD were recruited in this study. Cases  were assessed for lung function, peripheral oxygen saturation and exercise tolerance by 6MWT. Patients were exposed to yoga within their capacity of feasibility, and assessed for above parameters at the end of each month for about three months. A comparison study of various parameters following yoga based on age, duration of illness and severity of disease was done applying independent t test. Variables were expressed as Mean±SD. P<0.05 was considered the threshold for statistical significance.


Results: there was an average increase in FEV1% by 5.2 in <65 years, compared to FEVI% by11.4 in >65yrs (p<0.05). FEV1/FVC (%) in both the age groups showed similar response following yoga intervention (p< 0.01 level). We did not get any significant results with duration of illness and severity of disease.


Conclusion: Regular yoga practice improves the lung parameters and also the respiratory muscle strength. In this study, COPD patients falling under higher age groups showed more of benefit with yoga. We could not elucidate any response in lung function following yoga based on duration of illness and disease severity. Yoga practice is useful in improving lung parameters in higher age groups. Regular practice of yoga has helped patients with relief from frequent exacerbation of respiratory symptoms.

Author Biographies

Jessy John

Department of Physiology, Govt. Medical College, Kollam, 691574,  Kerala, India

Venugopal P.

Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Govt. T. D. Medical College, Vandanam, 688005, Kerala, India

Shajahan P. S.

Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Govt. T. D. Medical College, Vandanam, 688005, Kerala, India


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