Efficacy of Posterior-Anterior Glide Along With Active Lateral Rotation for Adhesive Capsulitis


  • Hariharan J.
  • Kamalakannan M.




Adhesive capsulitis, goniometer, joint mobilization, shortwave diathermy


Introduction and Aim: A complicated anatomical structure of our body enables movement in several planes and is important for everyday activities. Adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder produces pain and reduces the joint range of motion, especially external rotation. This study aimed to find the effectiveness of posteroanterior glide along with active lateral rotation for adhesive capsulitis.


Materials and Methods: Quasi-experimental study with a simple random sampling technique was followed. Thirty subjects with an age group 33 to 55 years, both gender with adhesive capsulitis. Non-cooperative patients, previous history of fracture in and around the shoulder joint, open wound in and around the shoulder joint, subjects with a loss of sensation around the shoulder joint were excluded. Pre and post-test values were measured using a visual analog scale and range of motion as outcome measures. The experimental group was given a posteroanterior glide along with active lateral rotation combined with shortwave diathermy. The conventional group was given conventional therapy along with shortwave diathermy. The frequency of the treatment was 5 days per week for 2 consecutive weeks. The values are tabulated and statistically evaluated.


Results: The post-test mean value of VAS in the experimental group was 4.20 and conventional group was 6.07. The post means value of ROM in the experimental group was 64.33 and conventional group was 29.67. Thus, the experimental group had a high statistical difference from the conventional group.


Conclusion: The study concludes that posterior-anterior glide along with active lateral rotation has a good effect on pain, and range of motion in adhesive capsulitis.

Author Biographies

Hariharan J.

Saveetha College of Physiotherapy, SIMATS, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Kamalakannan M.

Saveetha College of Physiotherapy, SIMATS, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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