A study on effects of osteopathic technique in fatty liver


  • Nikita Balkrishna Mirajkar
  • Tirthankar Ghosh




Non-alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic fatty liver, hepatic steatosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), ultrasonography (USG), SGOT / SGPT


Introduction and Aim: The prevalence of fatty liver is increasing worldwide and has also been observed in young adults. Fatty liver can lead to decreased liver function, which can lead to many digestive disorders and symptoms such as right upper quadrant pain, back pain, constipation, fatigue, bloating, and even loss of appetite. Liver manipulation techniques can help reduce hepatocyte inflammation, loosen the attached fascia, reduce pain, and improve liver function. The study aims to evaluate the effects of osteopathic techniques on fatty liver.


Materials and Methods: Ten participants with fatty liver were selected as per inclusion and exclusion criteria. One session per subject once a week was given for 3 consecutive weeks. Pre and post-data were analysed.


Results: The study demonstrated differences in the outcome measures pre and post-treatment. There was a significant change observed on both the outcome measures, which was statistically significant on USG and on SGOT/SGPT with p=0.05.


Conclusion: From the present study we can conclude that liver manipulation techniques are clinically effective in fatty liver conditions.

Author Biographies

Nikita Balkrishna Mirajkar

Department of Health and Wellness, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, 754 006, Odisha, India

Tirthankar Ghosh

Department of Health and Wellness, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, 754 006, Odisha, India


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