Evaluation of the foundation block of first year MBBS curriculum in a medical college


  • Venkappa S. Mantur
  • Sudarshan Reddy C.
  • Arun Kumar
  • Arun Kowale




Foundation course, first MBBS curriculum, medical teaching


Introduction and Aim: The National Medical Council of India (NMC) has updated the undergraduate medical curriculum by establishing "competency based medical education," which focuses on a one-month foundation course. This time is thought to be crucial for students to adjust to their new college surroundings. The purpose of this study was to assess the initial one-month foundation course from the perspectives of students.


Materials and Methods: A total of 150 first year MBBS students joining the college in the academic year 2020-21 were included in the study. Therefore, all students’ means universal samples were included in the study. The core curriculum was meticulously organised and carried out in accordance with the National Medical Council of India's recommendations. Students provided feedback using a five-point Likert scale. Before the final study, we conducted a pilot study for assessment of the reliability of the scale by taking convenient samples and reliability coefficient was found to be 0.8769. Overall recommendations were solicited, and the outcomes were analysed using feedback from students. It calculated the percentage of students who responded. The data were analysed by using statistical software i.e., SPSS version 20.00 with simple frequency and percentages.


Results: The percentages of students who agreed and strongly agreed on something ranged from 77.14 to 90.92 percent. All the sessions are positive feedback given by students who strongly agree and biosafety, E-learning, language, and biomedical waste management needed improvement in the module. Good collaboration, teamwork, and thorough planning at the interdepartmental and intradepartmental levels, according to the faculty, were vital elements for the course's successful implementation.


Conclusion: The foundation course sessions were generally well welcomed by the students. The findings will aid us in improving our foundation programme for the following year to accomplish the goals of the foundation course.

Author Biographies

Venkappa S. Mantur

Departments of Physiology, SSPM Medical College and Lifetime Hospital, Kasal, Sindhudurga, 422 004, Maharashtra, India

Sudarshan Reddy C.

Department of Pharmacology, SSPM Medical College and Lifetime Hospital, Kasal, Sindhudurga, 422 004, Maharashtra, India

Arun Kumar

Department of Biochemistry, SSPM Medical College and Lifetime Hospital, Kasal, Sindhudurga, 422 004, Maharashtra, India

Arun Kowale

SSIMS & RC, Davangere, 577005, Karnataka, India


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