Comparison of quality results between semi-autoanalyzer and autoanalyzer: A retrospective study conducted in a tertiary care center (Rural India)




Semi - Auto analyzer, Auto analyzer, Comparison, Quality


Introduction and Aim: In India, the primary health centres, urban health centres and privatized small-scale laboratories use basic laboratory services like point of care testing (POCT) and quantitative results obtained from semi-auto analysers for diagnosis and treatment. Our objectives were to analyse biochemical parameters in the autoanalyzer and the semi-autoanalyzer and to compare the test performance of analysed biochemical parameters in the semi-autoanalyzer and autoanalyzer.


Materials and Methods: One hundred samples (10 patient samples and 90 internal quality control values), tested for 15 biochemical parameters were retrospectively studied. They were processed with the same reagent, methodology and environmental conditions in autoanalyzer Mindray BS 390 and semi-autoanalyzer KLS BA 200. Statistical analysis was carried out using independent student t test, Pearson correlation, Bias percent and Bland-Altman plot analysis


Results: Our study showed strong positive correlation for the 15 biochemical parameters between semi-autoanalyzer and autoanalyzer except for calcium, which showed moderate positive correlation (r=0.879). Bias % were all in acceptable limits except for SGOT and Albumin. Bland Altman analysis for ALP and Triglycerides also showed high variability between the two measurements with a mean difference of -6.23 and 4.48 respectively.


Conclusion: The test performance of biochemical parameters measured in the semi-auto analyser and fully automatic analyser were highly related and comparable, with a significant positive correlation. Semi-auto analysers could be an efficient alternative in peripheral setups to provide quality laboratory services. During the breakdown of any autoanalyzer, the semi-autoanalyzer acts as backup for analysing routine chemistry tests in some laboratories.

Author Biographies

Chandana G.

Department of Biochemistry, St. Peter’s Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Hosur, Krishnagiri District, 635130, Tamil Nadu, India

Nitin Fal Desai

Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Narketpally, 508254, Nalgonda District, Telangana, India

Md Masood Ahmed Shareef

Government Medical College, Suryapet, 508213, Telangana, India


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