Estimation and prevention of text neck syndrome among smart phone users


  • M. Kamalakannan
  • R. Rakshana
  • R. Padma priya



Introduction and Aim: Text neck syndrome has become a global musculoskeletal problem in relation to all the ages who uses the mobile phone. The aim of the study was to investigate the neck posture, self-report of pain and disability in smart phone users, and to identify the preventive measures of text neck syndrome.

Materials and methods: 253 students were selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. They were assessed by measuring the resting head posture using a ruler’s method and A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to all subjects. The data obtained was tabulated and statistically analysed.

Results: Results were statistically analysed using Chi-square test. Questionnaire includes totally 10 domains. Each question is given with three to five options.

Conclusion: Frome the study it was concluded that most of the people are using phone in the non- ergonomic way. 90% of the people were affected by neck related musculoskeletal problems. Prevention is the only key to avoid text neck syndrome.

Keywords: Mobile phone; neck posture; cervical spine; text neck syndrome; hazards; preventive measures.




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Kamalakannan M, Rakshana R, Padma priya R. Estimation and prevention of text neck syndrome among smart phone users. Biomedicine [Internet]. 2020Nov.9 [cited 2021Oct.27];40(3):372- 376. Available from:



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