Detection of differentially expressed circulating micro-RNA among Indians with Type 2 Diabetes using a global expression profile and systematic analysis


  • Sucharita Sambashivaiah
  • Ashwini Priyanka
  • Vidya Nimbalkar
  • Snijesh .VP
  • Jyothi Prabhu



microRNA, Diabetes, circulating, global, expression


Introduction and Aim: In recent years research on molecular mechanisms leading to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) has discovered the promising role of microRNA (miRNA) as an early biomarker for the diagnosis of the clinical state. However, there is a lack of data from the Indian population exploring the global expression of circulating miRNA using precise and sensitive methods. The aim was to identify and quantify the circulating miRNAs from biological samples of T2DM and healthy controls using the Nanostring nCounter Platform.


Material and Methods: The miRNA analysis was performed using the NanoString nCounter platform. The T2DM patients within a duration of 5 to 15 years without any complications were recruited. The healthy controls were identified without any chronic diseases. The NanoString nCounter platform probes were used to detect the newly discovered miRNAs in the chosen panel of nearly 800 miRNAs.


Results: Our analysis has identified many unique miRNAs that are not reported earlier such as miR -25-3p, miR451a, miR365a, miR-129-2, miR-1271, miR572, and others.


Conclusion: Identification of differential patterns of circulating miRNAs could offer optimistic chances for managing T2DM diagnostically and prognostically. The specific expansion of the miRNAs to know the intercommunication among miRNAs and other genes involved in the development of T2DM must be further explored to uncover the potential role in clinical practice.

Author Biographies

Sucharita Sambashivaiah

Department of Physiology, St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru

Ashwini Priyanka

Department of Physiology, St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru

Vidya Nimbalkar

Division of Molecular Medicine, St John’s Research Institute, Bengaluru

Snijesh .VP

Division of Molecular Medicine, St John’s Research Institute, Bengaluru

Jyothi Prabhu

Division of Molecular Medicine, St John’s Research Institute, Bengaluru


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