Serum level of certain cytokines associated with psoriasis progression in Iraqi patients


  • Raffif Sami Mahdi
  • Maryam Ibrahim Salman
  • Rawaa AlChalabi



Psoriasis, cytokines, smoking, adipokines, CBC


Introduction and Aim: Psoriasis is a skin ailment that typically affects the scalp, lower back, knees, elbows, and results in flaky skin patches. The purpose of this study was to compare cytokines, leptin, and adiponectin levels, as well as several physiological characteristics, in psoriasis patients with and without treatment to levels in healthy people in Iraq.


Materials and Methods: The study included 310 subjects, males and females aged (25-65) years. The patients were attending a dermatology consultant at Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital in Baghdad. Blood samples were collected by venipuncture from all individuals. The Sandwich ELISA was used to estimate serum levels of IL-2, IL-8, IL-22, TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma, ADP and Leptin.


Results: Patients with psoriasis had considerably decreased lymphocyte and RBC counts while having significantly higher neutrophil, platelet, NLR, and PLR counts. WBC mean values in females and males among control groups were 7.16 ± 3.09x 103/µl and 8.6 ±3.62 x103/µl respectively. In psoriasis patients the WBC counts varied from 3.69 x103/µl to 12.8 x103/µl with a mean of 7.27  x 103/µl in female patients and from 6.47 x 103/µl to 13.62 x103/µl in males. Serum levels of cytokines, leptin and adiponectin were significantly higher in Group I patients, while in Group II it was almost like levels in the control group.


Conclusion: Smoking is a risk factor for psoriasis. Lymphocytes, erythrocytes, and hemoglobin levels are decreased in patients with psoriasis, while platelets and cytokines are elevated, signifying a relationship between these immunological parameters and development and severity of psoriasis disease.

Author Biographies

Raffif Sami Mahdi

Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Anbar, Iraq

Maryam Ibrahim Salman

Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Anbar, Iraq

Rawaa AlChalabi

Department of Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, College of Biotechnology, Al-Nahrain University, Jadriya, Baghdad, Iraq


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