Content or Context: Which is more important for publishing an article in high impact journals?


  • Nitika Pradhan



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To produce a high impact paper brings us to the question which matters more, a researcher’s oeuvre or the materials inside his/her article.Content is the total write-up and context is the theme or message behind the content. One can infer content from the context but not vice versa. In any article, context, includes the title as well as outcomes whereas content includes all, starting from introduction to conclusion part. Context provides a definite shape to the content and this idea or knowledge can be communicated by network of journals. During initial screening, the first thing an editor sees is the ‘title’ and then the content. If title is catchy, then only it attracts the reader/editor’s interest. So, here again the context comes first. However, when higher technologies were used to describe or justify the same context or idea, the paper is mostly accepted by high-tier journal basing upon the content but not context. Now people rarely think the motto or purpose of a journal. There is only a kind of competition between authors for their scientific credits /academic carrier or between editors for their journal publicity. Instead, we should remember that a journal, even high or low impact is only for a medium of communication where ideas from every corner of the world are reaching to every corner of the world. Lastly, there is a message “give priority to new idea/s because if idea is there then content will also come but without context or idea, content is meaningless”. Hence, the entire knowledge of ocean can only be filled by our drop by drop of collective contextual contributions.

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Nitika Pradhan

KIIT School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.






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