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Journal of Biomedicine is a multidisciplinary journal publishing papers of high quality in the study of biology, biological processes and application in medicine. Examples of topic areas are Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Toxicology, Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology, Environmental Science, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine, Gene Therapy, Cancer Biology, Immunology & Immunobiology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, Drug Discovery and Delivery, Chemical Biology, Alternative system of Medicine like Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Naturopathy and Basic or Clinical Researches in various diseases. Articles in the journal are rigorously peer-reviewed.

The chief goal of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (IABMS) is to support, advance, and progress interdisciplinary co-operation amongst biomedical researchers. The objectives of IABMS is to energize and advance between disciplinary collaboration amongst biomedical researchers having a place with various orders for the development of instructing, examination, and advancement of learning of all branches of life science with exceptional reference to its application in the field of medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, farming, and related designing sciences.

The exercises of IABMS in satisfying the above goals incorporate innovative work in all parts of biomedical writing, distribution of authority diary, pamphlet, setting up of consultative bodies, arranging seminar, symposia, workshops, meetings, gatherings, and proceeding with instruction programs like CME and visitor addresses for improvement of science and innovation. IABMS organizes its Annual Conference every year, usually during the period of October-November to promote the discussion on advances in biomedical research, and a pre-conference workshop in the name of Late Dr. Sarda Subramniam, who is the founder of this association is conducted to impart hands-on training on various latest methodologies in biomedical research.

IABMS has an official organ of publication of scientific papers related to biomedical research and the title of the journal is ‘BIOMEDICINE’. Prof. Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty was the first Editor-in-Chief, and Prof. Dr. T. Thirunalasundari is the current Editor-in-Chief.

Legacy of the doyens of IABMS has been carried forward by acclaimed scientists like Dr. C. R. Krishnamurthy, Dr. A. Krishnamurthi, Dr. B. S. Gajalakshmi, Dr. S. Subramanian, Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty, Dr. Leela Krishnamuti, Dr. A. Namasivayam, Dr. M. S.Krishnamurthy, Dr. S. P. Thyagarajan, Dr. G. Rajagopal, Dr. S. Venkataraman, Dr. S. Rajarajan, Dr. D. Sakthisekaran, Dr. A. K. Singh, Dr. G. Victor Rajamanickam, Dr. T. Thirunalasundari and Dr. G.K. Pal served as the presidents of IABMS. This association has grown to the current stature with the dynamic and untiring support of the office bearers and life members who have contributed significantly to the field of biomedical sciences. Currently, the legacy of IABMS continues under the dynamic leadership of Dr. E. Padmini as the President and Dr. V. Hemamalini as General Secretary.



Editor-in-Chief: Dr. T.Thirunalasundari

Dr. S.Jayaram
Dr. S. Rajan

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